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About Us

Neal Cutting Horses offers a complete training program that will best suit you the owner, and your horses! Non-Pro and Amateur riders from all over come to Cody for his unique teaching skills. He focuses on getting the most out of each ride for horse and rider.

" The horses I train are genuine cow horses, no buttons... I want all my customers to be able to step on one of my horses and simply enjoy the ride! "

Reasons to Contact Cody:
1) Becomming frustrated with your current training program.
2) Becomming frustrated after, during or before you show your horse.
3) Looking for someone to teach you with honesty, integrity, and cater to your specific problem areas along with your strengths?
4) Unable to get your horse to do " What it is trained to do ", correctly!
5) If you want to enjoy yourself, enjoy your horse and learn from the best...
And Most Importantly... Have Fun!

2001 The Non-Pro 2000 Limit Rider Reserve Champion KG Dualing Playgirl